CEO / CSO. Doctor in Biopharmaceutical Sciences.

Siem obtained his PhD in medical pharmacology in 2008 at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Entrepreneurial scientist, he contributed to over 20 publications and 5 patents. His career has been in science management in top-end research facilities in Australia, the Netherlands and France. He has conducted research and managed teams in both public research institutes and biotechnology company.

Khaled HACHED, Phd MBA

COO. Doctor in Life Sciences.

Khaled obtained his PhD in biology in 2010 at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France. After a post-doctorate in biology and biochemistry at the Centre of Research in Cell Biology of Montpellier, he completed a master in business administration at the University School of Management of Montpellier (IAE). He was previously marketing innovation analyst at Horiba Medical, a world leader of in vitro diagnostics, where he defined commercial value of new medical innovations, and liaised with KOLs to understand unmet needs in clinical care.

Krzysztof ROGOWSKI, PhD

SAB. Doctor in Cell Biology.

Krzysztof obtained his PhD in cellular biology in 2005 from University of Georgia, Athens, USA. He is now team leader of the research group ‘Tubulin Code’ at the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH) in Montpellier and supports MT-act as member of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). He dedicated his scientific career unravelling the biology of microtubules. He is an internationally renowned scientist in the field as his work yielded outstanding breakthrough discoveries that led to the identification of over 20 microtubule-modifying enzymes. His work has been published in top-end scientific journals including Science, Cell, Molecular Cell and Developmental Cell.