Screen, isolate and optimise best lead compounds
Perform pharmacological studies in relevant models
Find optimal formulation and drug delivery system
Obtain clinical trial authorisation (CTA) for First in Human (FIH) studies

Needs in glaucoma

Glaucoma is the result of neurodegeneration of the ganglionic cells of the optical nerve and is often accompanied by an increase of the intra-ocular pressure within the eye cavity. While drugs that stabilise and/or reduce intra-ocular pressure are quite efficient, it does not always stop neurodegeneration. Therapeutics that directly and specifically target the enzymes modifying the microtubules, have so far never been explored. The solutions being developed by MT-act are therefore unique in the healthcare landscape and open the road to a novel class of medication.

Our solution

The most efficient lead compounds in our hands will be formulated for the best administration routes answering the needs of ophthalmologists, while taking in account the comfort of the patients. Our approach targets early events in neurodegeneration, goes beyond state-of-the-art, and holds the promise to be clinically beneficial for preventing and stopping glaucoma.

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