‘Ash & Rock’ by MT-art.

All human encounters come with names and I want to introduce you to one pretty recent encounter I was fortunate with – an artist called Henri. He is one of these rare persons that always seems at peace. He is a highly inspirational personality with one standout character trait: BORDERLESS IMAGINATION.

We met a couple of times and I tried to communicate him the scientific environment of microtubules (MT), and framed his thoughts in our surrounding nature, we both love.

As header of the page, the original picture taken, then his sketch, Henri’s first attempt to the challenge, and on the right image the first piece of his oeuvre (portfolio is already overflowed – he is unstoppable).

The image below is his first capture of microtubule art, MT-art.

The Ash tree holds great analogy to microtubules sprouting and the Rock to the so-called microtubule-organizing center (MTOC).

I really love his work.

More of Henri’s work coming soon.

Keep updated!