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MT-act is a preclinical stage spin-off company of the Institute of Human Genetics (Montpellier, France), a joint research unit of the CNRS (The French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the University of Montpellier.

MT-act develops compounds to treat non-communicable diseases. The start-up uses a unique platform technology enabling development of first-in-class drug candidates that regulate the properties of microtubules known to be altered in various human pathologies.

Origin and Innovation
MT-act is established on leading edge scientific research and capitalises on the discoveries of doctor Krzysztof Rogowski, an outstanding scientist who contributed to the identification of over 20 microtubule modifying enzymes during his career.

Microtubules are the cytoskeleton elements that provide structural support to human cells and regulate intracellular trafficking of cargoes. Various human pathologies are associated with dysregulation of microtubule properties.

Based on breakthrough discoveries, proprietary technologies and unique expertise, MT-act screens, validates and isolates the best compounds with a unique microtubule-focused mode-of-action (MoA). MT-act pre-clinically develops compounds to act on microtubules (MT).


Unique approach and new mechanism of action (MoA). Proprietary biochemical assay for compound screening.


First-in-class compounds that target a microtubule-focused mechanism of action (MoA).

Unmet medical need

Glaucoma is an eye disease notorious as the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness. Affecting 20 million people in Europe and the US.


Trained and experienced team of biochemists, molecular and cellular biologists.

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